About Saudi Sicli Fire Services

Saudi Sicli has a long and proud history within emergency services. Since the company was founded in 1979, our core business has been fire fighting for public and government and industrial entities.

All of our activities link to our core mission to:

  • Prevent accidents & minimize losses.
  • Rescue and assist people in emergencies quickly and competently.
  • Alleviate the aftereffects of emergencies.
  • Rehabilitate people after illness and injury.
  • Always be there so that people can live their lives safely.
  • Saudi Sicli has more than 40 years of experience as a fire service provider and today Saudi Sicli fire services operate the national’s largest private firefighting services company. As a part of our ongoing commitment to leadership, we continuously struggle to develop and create on our service delivery capabilities.

    Staffs are our main asset, so taking care of our employees is a high priority.

    Therefore, we are constantly making sure we have a safe work environment, a platform for professional and personal fulfillment, employee wellbeing and continual skill growth. This also means providing the right education and training to our firefighters certified by AFSSAC & PRO-BOARD and having clear leadership principles for our leaders.

    We also focus on working with the newest firefighting equipment and technology, and to continuously improve on our operating procedures. As a privet provider of fire services we have a consistent global fire management system implemented across all our fire service contracts. This enables us to share best practices and driving operational excellence in collaboration with our clients.

    We are your trusted partner in fire services and you can rest assured that we will take care of your fire troupe in a responsible and progressive international way.

    Universal operational standards excellence our local service delivery

    Saudi Sicli operate fire troupes and deliver consultancy and training services to key industries around the Kingdom. We work together with many of the world’s leading fire equipment and system providers, giving us access to the latest technology and knowledge to apply to real emergency situations.

    The experience we gain from this universal presence enables us to continuously develop our services. It means our 3S standards the best operating practices can be shared across industries and municipal. By holding ourselves to a universal fire services standards, we do more than just reinforce our operational excellence we continuously benchmark our troupes to identify and transfer knowledge and experience across all troupes.